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This is a review on two new skin care products that I have been using recently. When you have been reading my old posts you know that I’ve used Valentia’s products and I had been very win over with them. Based on my earlier experience with those products, I made a decision to try these new ones.

Their product line has some specific qualities that has made a favorable impression beside me. The relative series is packaged in the same way. It has an extremely refreshing and nice fragrance. Initially I thought that it smells like fruits or candy but the more I used it, it reminds me of a particular conditioner and shampoo collection I had developed use before. Either real way, it is a very prevalent scent. It is more powerful as you apply it but even when it is drying you can still smell it. I like fruity and floral scents therefore I don’t mind it and kind of like it. But if you don’t, this may not be the face mask for afterward you.

It has a very creamy and light consistency and it offers small exfoliating beads. It is easy to use and its not necessary as much to cover the complete face. Because it has a creamy structure it goes on smoothly without dripping or tugging on you pores and skin as you use it.

Depending about how much product you apply or the width of the layer, the drying time is fast and you’ll feel a tightening effect relatively. As you put it on it feels like you are putting on body butter and it is refreshing. There is a heating system or tingling sensation in the greater sensible regions of your face.I am not a large fan of the feature since it is very uncomfortable, but thankfully, it only lasted a few moments. When you remove it, I would recommend a wash can be used by you cloth or any other wipe to remove.

  • After 25, use a facial mask once a month
  • Skin looks slightly oily
  • Islands of normal or hyperpigmented skin inside the hypopigmented patches
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  • 1/2 cup coffee grounds
  • 10 drops jasmine oil
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It does come off relatively easy only using your hands, but it requires just a little longer to get every leftover product off that person. You do not want to leave exfoliating beads or product on your face. I pointed out that I get a more exfoliating effect using my clean towel and it gets rid of a lot of the product after one or two swipes. The bead isn’t abrasive so when you use the wash material even, you won’t irritate your skin which is absolutely nice. The cover up is able to absorb the surplus oil and it lifts up any dirt to the surface. I observe that around my nose area where I have bigger pores especially.

I have a tendency to get whiteheads around the area therefore i always tried to focus on it and clean it well to prevent future breakouts. In conditions of pore decrease, there were only a little difference and nothing too dramatic. But in all honesty, I am so disappointed with it, because I rather it clean and lift dirt of my pores than reduce their size. Your dried epidermis feels plump and even. It isn’t dried and it feels refresh. One advice that I could give you is to make sure you remove the mask completely. It is very easy to leave some product on.

So far I’ve enjoyed applying this clay face mask. On first view, it has a very jelly-like texture. But unlike, their Ultra Plumping Mask, the texture is more heavy and dense. Another detectable feature is its mint or peppermint scent. Just like the Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask Just, the fragrance away does not diminish.

Although the consistency is thicker, the application is simple really. It offers small exfoliating beads that look like the clay mask but unlike the ones on the clay mask. These beads feel more abrasive. However, even though beads are more abrasive, the jelly-like structure creates a defensive layer on the skin so unlike you are using strong force, you won’t feel much as well as your epidermis won’t get irritated.