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Kofi Annan Center, a center for excellence in ICT, Kwame Nkrumah University for Science and Technology and IICD. The whole idea was to bring people together and reinforce the community of practice of technical ICT people- working from the theory that some informal of a residential area of practice may exist but is not supported at all.

It originated from the expressed need of the technician working in ICT4dev tasks in remote areas to get more support in their work, because they are sometimes trapped to find appropriate solutions. The theory was to advertise via a discussion list and find out who’s really interested in this – get people who are willing to invest in sharing. This didn’t actually work as it yielded only 3 reactions- possibly because it is a kind of new way of ‘recruiting’ people for workshops- and the workshop may not have sounded rather vague to the people.

At the end all expressed the eye to continue as a group exchanging both online and face-to-face-and try to expand the group. Besides GINKS, who volunteered to take a leadership role here, 4 people volunteered to place similar assignments. GINKS has opened a Dgroup simply a week following the event- for online debate, and it has started up with lots of efforts. This seems to be an organization which is very comfortable exchanging online and utilizing internet groupings to get answers to their technical questions. It seems worthwhile to keep carefully the event short (we had one and a half day) so that the interest is generated however, not exhausted.

It’s great to organize this with an organization which is not typically workshop-hopping around, but keen on using it to make their work easier. For open space to be useful, additional time would have to be specialized in it- I have the impression people didn’t get the chance to find each other on their passions. The chances of success seem higher when you link up with existing initiatives like the Linux organizations, the GINKS network- for that it’s good to learn the field beforehand. Finally, I wonder whether we ought to have determined common projects to work on at this stage. We didn’t try to pick out a few salient issues or project from all ideas floating around. Let’s see what happens.

50. For students, I wish I would have known about a lot of these when I was a poor university student. To find a list of senior discounts you can click here and for student discounts, you can examine out this link. 10. Talking about student discounts, Amazon Student can be an amazing deal.

49 (half the price tag on a Prime membership). Only if there have been something like this while I was an English major in university, after I had to buy all those books. 11. Don’t switch your nose up at a hand-me-down clothing, whether for your kids or yourself. Sometimes whenever we visit my in-laws’ house, there will be a big garbage handbag of clothes from one of my mother-in-law’s friends.

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I’ll usually only finish up liking a couple of things, but, hey, free clothes! 12. Another way to save money on clothes: organize a clothing exchange. It can be with your family, neighborhood, church, any combined group. People clean out their closets and bring what they’d prefer to donate and then swap.

13. Skip the poisonous herbicides like the round-up and make your own weed killer. It isn’t hard to make at all and only requires vinegar, sodium, and dish soap. You’ll find the recipe I use and proof of the results here. 14. Give consideration at the check-out counter at stores. It doesn’t happen all too often, but there were times when I’ve pointed out that I’ve been charged twice for things. Obviously, I’ve also experienced times when I haven’t been charged for something and tell them – not only are they happy when I tell them, but it’s good karma, right?

15. U-pick farms and orchards are a great source for inexpensive produce. Back in September, we picked delicious organic apples for 1.25/lb! It’s a great activity to do as a family group — I had both of my boys, plus my niece and nephew, in on the action. There’s something quite satisfying about picking your own food.

16. Keep paper that is on one aspect for scrap paper empty. You don’t need to waste materials new Post-It or paper notes. I remember once I am at the middle school, the school collected all the one-sided-used papers from the students (there have been bins Atlanta divorce attorney’s classroom) and then managed to get all into pads of paper that students could buy for super-cheap. You can make your own notepad from scrap paper — this pin some time was found by me back shows how.