Music 3.0 Music Industry Blog: 12/30/12

Music 3.0 Music Industry Blog: 12/30/12

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I don’t normally cross-post between my Music 3.0 music industry blog and Big Picture creation blog, however the topics below apply to both. As 2012 attracts to a close, now is the time to take a look at what might be ahead in 2013. In the year ahead Listed below are 10 story lines to look out for, in no particular order worth focusing on.

In some instances we can obviously see what might happen, while in others it’s still an open question. 1. A fresh development in music. In the event you haven’t noticed, we in residing in the center of two musical tendencies with EDM going mainstream and the folk-roots motion led by Mumford and Sons breaking big.

Is 2013 going to become more of exactly like both trends top, or will there be something new that catches our attention? 2. Streaming music gets control. 2012 was a 12 months for pressing the loading music ball in the hill and so many people were transformed. 3. Guitar Center’s decrease. The ruler of the music equipment retailers is in trouble, with falling sales and apparently a huge balloon payment due.

Don’t be amazed if the thing is some changes in the marketplace, with a smaller more nimble GC facing some real competition. Overall, good for the business. 4. THE BEST 3 provide a boost to DIY. Using the Common Music takeover of EMI complete now, we’ve shifted to a 3 major label world.

Although you still need a major to become a global superstar, the year that mildew is damaged and we see a true DIY breakout will this be? 5. Hi-res music involves the forefront. Bandwidth and storage space are cheap now, and in a global where we’re streaming hi-res video with monetary impunity, why should we be listening to the lowly MP3?

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With Apple now moving to hi-res with their Mastered for iTunes program, Neil Young’s Pono (if it gets off the ground), and sites like HD Tracks, is it possible that the mass market can finally move beyond CD quality? 7. The tablet will take control. There is no question that the tablet computer has taken the world by storm even to the level that PC sales are way down. While 2012 noticed a few new serious audio creation programs come to the system, will 2013 be the year where we cross the threshold into doing serious projects onto it? 8. Diminished trade show importance.

With the Internet, we no more have to visit a trade show to see what’s new. With so many of the industry industry events faltering to the main point where some of the largest manufacturers don’t attend, look to start to see the craze continue toward irrelevance. 9. The increased importance of the Cloud. So a lot of our every day world now takes place in the cloud that it is almost become transparent to us.

Will music creation and storage change completely to the cloud to be able to increase security and eliminate leaks? Will more online cooperation make studios less relevant than they currently are even? 10. Can the recording be saved? We now live in a singles world again, and even though the record hasn’t totally fallen by the wayside, it’s becoming less and less important on a regular basis.

Every year a new digital form of the album enters industry, but none of them have to catch on yet. Will 2013 be the entire year a new format wins our hearts and our pocketbooks? There are many more than these 10 issues, but I thought these were particularly interesting to view for, at least in the beginning of the year.

As always, yr to see how each story developed it’ll be fun to look back at this time next. Have a very happy New Year, and could you think it is fulfilling and profitable. And again once, thanks for reading! Help support this website. Any buys made through our Amazon links help support this site without cost to you.