Gold Toe 3-pk. Cotton Fluffies Socks, Brown, Male

Gold Toe 3-pk. Cotton Fluffies Socks, Brown, Male

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It sounds imply and harsh, but having seen what’s going on in Japan, he could be so right exactly. The earlier excess labor is let go, to allow them to go get a new skill or a new job, the better. If you wait around until everyone gets old and then have to collapse up the shop too, it’s too past due; employees will have been doing nothing for way too many years/decades to be of use to anyone else. So anyway, I have no issue with how 3G Capital operates, and I think it is good for the economy actually.

This labor fluidity is necessary. As for Buffett being involved with this type of thing, he possesses large stakes in companies that are efficient highly. His private businesses are businesses he bought because he liked the way they are run. There is absolutely no inconsistency there. I think Buffett appreciates it when Wells Fargo and American Express (yet others) right-size when necessary (so that massive layoffs all at one time becomes not as likely).

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And they have been doing that for many years. Some people think that Buffett is missing the boat on the craze towards much healthier lifestyles. I sort of feel that way too. But Buffett has a good point. We’ve been here before. He said that there is an article contacting for the end of Coke in the 1940’s, I believe. Trends do come and go.

We’ve experienced these health booms in the past. I remember a few of them. At one point, individuals were staying away from carbs like the plague. And the latest restaurant concept these days is Chipotle Mexican Grill (burritos and tacos, and yes, for those Atkins holdovers, bowls). Red meat was ago evil not too long, and now we have an enormous hamburger growth, Shake Shack just is the latest in this pattern.

There was some dialogue about IBM too during the annual meeting. It is interesting that the discussion against IBM is that their mainframe business is deceased and that they won’t be able to meet up with the cloud. Buffett/Munger pointed out that IBM has been through technology cycles before and has come through fine.

They used to dominate punch cards, but that business doesn’t exist anymore plus they evolved to another thing. The main element is the client foundation, and Buffett seems assured from his conversations with CEOs that IBM clients are going to stay IBM clients for some time. And he has a good sampling quite, just within Berkshire Hathaway and the stock holdings.

Also, I haven’t done any work, but I hardly ever hear discussion about IBM’s consulting business; someplace within that beast (or dinosaur) is the old PWC Consulting, and Accenture is a shown company with a 20x P/E proportion. I have no idea how that statistics into the argument, but it must someplace fit in there.