Will That Increase A Feeling Of Guilt Ever?

Will That Increase A Feeling Of Guilt Ever?

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A reader considered how much a component guilt performs in one’s gratifying retirement. Frankly, I have never thought about it in those terms until he raised the pressing issue. Yes, the way our most disadvantaged residents immensely are treated bothers me. It really is hard to fathom some of the dismissive talk I hear about folks who are homeless or forced to fight to survive on not enough food and minimal health care.

The strategy of some in government to constitute the deficit by reducing the bare essentials even more for these folks because they haven’t any politics “value” doesn’t fall into line whatsoever with my spiritual values. When children are involved I feel ill. But, as the reader noted, for most of us, that’s not our situation.

We involve some type of roof over our heads, enough food and health care to be as healthy as our bodies allow us. We’ve heat in the wintertime and cooling in the summer. There is probable at least one car in the garage unless we’ve chosen to do without. Whenever we compare our lifestyle with so numerous others we are blessed. Will that raise a sense of guilt ever?

This quote raises some very important factors to think about. The common description of guilt means that something wrong has been done. It leaves one with a sense of self-reproach for a few legal or ethical failing. I’m pretty sure the reader isn’t implying he “cheated” his way into retirement. This “guilt” is one of assessment: comparing his situation with other humans who are in a much worse condition through no mistake of their own. In fact, he notes their situation may be properly in spite of doing things. The feelings that were expressed are those of a person with a finely tuned sense of morality and fairness.

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What he sees is the condition of humanity: there are recognized “winners” and “losers” who may maintain those categories through no action of their own. There will be the indigent and always be those who find themselves well-off. But, what he is reacting to are those people who have been “mis-categorized” and can do nothing about any of it.

Obviously, there are folks who ignore the basic guidelines of good financial stewardship. They spend too much use credit poorly, and do not save. They are not individuals, the reader or this post are addressing. The “make your own bed” cliche is a better fit for them. We are able to have empathy for his or her situation Certainly, but a guilty feeling at our situation compared to their’s wouldn’t seem appropriate. I have to acknowledge I don’t feel guilty in the original sense about having the ability to stop working early and live decently.