It Varies On Short Weeks, Obviously

It Varies On Short Weeks, Obviously

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I am finally joining the party at Adventures of the 6th Grade Teacher! It’s my swirly body! I am jumping on the bandwagon and letting you in on a day in my shoes! It varies what time I up wake, but usually it’s around 6:30. I don’t spend enough time getting ready in the morning.

In truth, I’m usually done in 20-30 minutes, depending on if I shower the night time before. I like to enter as much beauty rest as is possible. By 7:00 or 7:15, I am usually en route to school. I later arrive about ten minutes. I love living to school close!

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I know more and more people who drive 30 minutes to an hour! Between 7:15 and 7:45, Day I am usually finding your way through the college. I think that about covers it. How do you fit all of that in half an hour? I have no basic idea. I am just like a machine. At 7:45, the first bell bands, and my little pumpkins come waltzing in. They get unpacked while I check more e-mail and they converted in their research. At 8:00, the late bell rings and most of my friends are in the classroom doing and unpacking their morning work. I am still checking homework.

The information show also begins at the moment giving us an revise on the weather, information on what the class of the week is up to, and any other important news! By 8:15, I am telling the youngsters “Adios,” as I drop them off at Related Arts! I type of like having Related Arts first thing.

It makes me feel like I can become more prepared for your day. Personally I think TOTALLY unprepared Then. I would be found chatting it up with my teammates also. I have to become more focused during this right time! My entire life would be so easier easily was! I grab the friends at 9:05 and by 9:10 then, I am teaching either Science or Social Studies. Through the week We alternate. One week I may teach 2 days of Science and 3 days of Social Studies and then vice versa the next week.

It varies on short weeks, obviously. These are my favorite topics to teach. I have no idea why, I just love them! In 3rd grade in SC, the kids find out about SC history which I just find fascinating. We played such a substantial role in the formation of our country and I simply love all the history!

From 9:45-10:45 I show Math. I love Math because you can play so many video games therefore many kids can enter it! At 10:45, we do start our Reading Workshop mini lesson which endures between 10-15 minutes. Next week, we are learning all about personification and fables! I am so excited! Fables are so much fun. I plan on creating a Folktale Unit very to post in my own TN Shop soon. Directly after we do our mini lesson, the youngsters go with their seats or different parts of the room to the read on their own and focus on the mini-lesson skill using their books.

I will be working at the trunk desk with a reading group. I likewise have an ESOL teacher who pushes into my room every day for reading. She alternates dealing with my two low groups every day. Each day I feel pretty darn fortunate to have her in my own room. I would feel very overwhelmed if she was not there!

The last 5 minutes of reading are still left for coming jointly and writing about the mini-lesson skill they focused on during their self-employed reading. Then, of day starts at 11:50 my favorite time, LUNCH! I love food. Period. We only get 25 minutes and I must eat with the little gems. By the right time I have them through the lunchtime line, I only have about a quarter-hour to eat usually.

I always feel just like I’m hurrying. I’m sure the kids feel the same manner. We get back to class to do our READ OUT LOUD from 12:20 to 12:40. I usually pick books that focus on the mini-lesson skills. I get my read aloud from this site by Linda Hoyt.