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My current wish list is pretty short. And in addition the list can be a new and better sunscreen. The thing is, ever since I’ve been training the Korean layering regimen, come to expect quite a bit from each product in my regimen. All the serums are doing a bang up job of addressing my various skin issues.

But I feel like my sunscreen must work a little harder to contribute to my overall goals. Sure, the main one I currently use is a high SPF, and will a decent job at preventing out the dangerous rays (I suppose), but I’m ready for the next level of sunlight safety that addresses unequal skin tone. I know that the easy take action of wearing sunlight security does have a positive effect on controlling dark marks daily. Yes, I understand that sunscreen is vital to helping promote properly even skin.

But, given that we’ve ventured into the world of BB & CC creams that feature having multi-level benefits, I expect my sunlight protection to do the same. Which is why I’ve my eyes arranged on Dr. Dennis Gross’ Dark Spot Defense SPF 50. It’s a paraben free sunscreen that claims to moisturize, prevent, and reduce hyperpigmentation while launching the skin with beneficial antioxidants. I’d like to complete my skin care routine with a product with multi-level benefits. It looks like a fairly new product, because there aren’t that lots of reviews online. This one is from a happy customer.

I have been searching for a face cream with a high SPF and this does above and beyond that. I’m not an expert in substances, but I saw a couple of things that captured my eyesight. Glycolic acid to help lighten dark places to exfoliate the lifeless pores and skin cells. This super sunscreen contains flower oils such as olive, night primrose, and echium oil (which feature of omega 3,6, &9).

In which weight your skin with antioxidants and black rice draw out which is also rich in antioxidants. I also appreciate that it includes glycerine which I suspect can help give a moisturizing quality to the formulation. My current fall into line of sunscreens are too drying for my taste. After reviewing all this sunscreen has to offer, I just don’t get that worked up about what I currently use. I need something that compliments this new skin care routine and helps take my epidermis to another level. I believe it will not be long until I’ve this product seated on my dresser. JavaScript is disabled in this internet browser. Reactivate it to view this article.

I’m sure there are other great brands, but they are most affordable for me. I’ve purchased Bionaturae from Vitacost or Tropical Traditions. California Olive Ranch, the one I buy normally, can be found at regular grocers. I’ve purchased it at Target, Walmart (cheapest), and Vitacost. Sesame oil: Adds great flavor, especially to Asian dishes.

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I like to use it in my Ginger, Garlic & Lime Chicken marinade. I don’t possess a particular favorite brand at this time. Here is a great brand for a reasonable price on Amazon. Almond flour: Found in baked goods and as a breading, such as in my own crispy zucchini cash.

Arrowroot flour/starch: Used in baked goods, breading, and as a thickener (like in my own pudding). I use Bob’s Red Mill from Vitacost. Find it here. It’s also available on Amazon (and in health-food stores). Tapioca flour/starch: Used in cooked goods, breading, so that as a thickener. It can be substituted for arrowroot starch and is a bit cheaper generally.

I use Bob’s Red Mill, that I get from Vitacost or my local health grocery. Find it here. It is available on Amazon as well. I’ve not purchased meats, etc from most of these companies yet. US Wellness Meats: Grass-fed, pastured, and wild-caught meats, poultry, and eggs. Radiant Life have purchased other products here: They have wild-caught seafood and healthy fat.

Chocolate potato chips: I get Enjoy Life brand that is free of soy and dairy. I have them from Globe Vitacost or Fare. EPIC Bars: The best will be the bison (AIP too!) and liver bars. I never thought I would enjoy something like this, and honestly didn’t enjoy the first one I tried (beef), but I love these.