While DEALING WITH Subscription Boxes

While DEALING WITH Subscription Boxes

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Two sisters have uncovered how their business idea began with making healthy gluten free snack foods for one another using a NutriBullet, to providing over 80,000 of the snacks to shops such as Holland and Barrett. Sisters Sophie, 33, and Gracie Tyrrell, 31, from London, started up Squirrel Sisters, a healthy snacks business, November 2015 after writing the recipes on the blog in.

Blogging about their most liked healthy snack foods from 2013, when they resided across the global world from each, people soon began to take be aware. One recipe they shared, which was particularly popular, was a gluten-free snack that they used a NutriBullet to create with dates, currants, cacao butter, and powder. But it was when Sophie returned from working as a business development director in a Singapore-based agency in 2015, that they decided to make their hobby into a business – which now turns over around £700, 000 a year. Our blog was an accepted place for all of us to record our healthy and delicious discoveries and meals.

We called our blog Squirrel Sisters – a nickname from our child years based on our surname ‘Tyrrell’, and we also both love nut products! Gracie said: ‘Our blog gained a subsequent quickly. People connected with our mission and the fact that we are two normal women with a busy lifestyle that are looking to enjoy life while sense great. Anything gluten-free that did taste good tended to be full of sugar and additives.

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But soon they had to look from utilizing a NutriBullet in their own kitchens to something bigger. Launching in Whole Foods and Planet Organic originally they also sold them via their website too. While dealing with subscription boxes, like Lifebox, also helped to get their name out there. Gracie said: ‘Neither of us had any experience in this industry so at the start it was all about learning as much as possible; – Google was our best friend.

We networked as much as possible and asked a great deal of questions! Scaling up changes everything, the taste, structure etc. It required about half a year of tests with various factories before we found the one that could do it and we have been working with them since. We get to bring our interest to life and do it together, which has been an incredible experience – helping one another through the ups and downs and being there for each other through more demanding times.

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