Transformation Of Excessive Weight Into Human Spirit

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Coping with overweight is one of the most desperating issues for individuals who experience it. Conventional efforts for treating the issue by way of weight-reduction plan and bodily exercise are revealed many times as ineffective in the long term. Still, most human beings keep making an attempt in the identical ways. The result is always another rise in weight, with the addition of failure feelings, helplessness and desperation.

The reason for failure lies within the misunderstanding of the dynamics through which the bodily body good points weight. The known eating regimen is predicated on the assumption that the physical body raises as a result of extreme caloric stability which turns into bodily materials – extreme fat. In line with this understanding the derived conclusion is that lowering the consumption of physical material – food – will result in a reduction of the bodily body. This perception is mistaken because it is based on a narrowing view and on analytical causation, which suggest a bodily solution to what’s sees as a problem that’s physical in essence.

This conception oversimplifies the complexity of man and neglects the many strata that have an effect on his life, far past the physical dimension. On account of that, it cannot provide an efficient answer to the problem. Creation forces that reside in man are executed by the interplay of two fundamental and opposing energies. These energies are recognized in several names as matter and spirit, prana and shakti, yin and yang, and so on.

In this text I shall refer to those energies as light and darkness. The interplay between these opposing forces has been the issue that created man whereas being within the womb of its mother, and in the first years of its life. This creating interplay can exist when these two energies are distinct from one another. In this situation the sunshine provides the creation program and the darkness creates the bodily, emotional, mental, and spiritual structures wanted for its execution. However, with start the strength of darkness intensifies, because of the primal trauma of disconnection from cosmic feeding, and it’s expressed within the structure of sturdy pulling (gravitational) forces that absorb mild into them.

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In this case man lacks the flexibility to execute the creation program that’s imprinted in him, as a result of the absorption of mild by darkness creates a strategy of reverse alchemy by which it declines in its frequencies. The result is that as a substitute of being a creating force it turns to an exterminating force that continues to rework excessive frequency material to low frequency materials. The result is that the man will get to a route of dying and termination, instead of persevering with creation and improvement.

The light that’s swallowed in darkness, perpetually keeps attempting to execute the creation intention in it, and it tries to show the path of the alchemical course of, to extend in its frequency and escape from the absorption of darkness. These efforts are actually seen in various human behaviors, from bodily manifestations to emotional, psychological and spiritual expressions.

The ability of mild to flee from darkness is totally dependent on the acknowledgment and acceptance of these human manifestations by its human atmosphere in the primary years of its life. But as a result of the light that tries to escape is of a low frequency, it’s manifested as behaviors that don’t look lighted, they usually specific principally egoistic private needs.

Society, in general, rejects most of those expressions and forbids them and later on man learns to reject them himself, often in an automatic unconscious means. To be able to be expressed as light that has the power of giving, as an alternative of absorption qualities that darkness has, mild has to vibrate in the frequency that is correct for it. The rejection of the light that tried to escape darkness causes it to lose this frequency and it collapses right into a chaotic structure of a too low frequency, by which it continues to be expressed as darkness.

In its unstopping efforts to boost the frequencies of light that collapsed to darkness, man is searching for external vitality that can help him in attaining that. In keeping with the alchemical perspective weight loss is a process during which the sunshine that collapsed and changed into redundant bodily material, is rising once more in its frequencies and reaches the energetic ranges which are proper for it. The result of reducing weight in this fashion is emergence of recent components in the individual, in his emotional, psychological and spiritual world, in addition to his physical body.

This weight discount process creates an alchemy of low material into a new individual, more complexed and of the next energetic frequency existence. From an individual with an exaggerated mass of low frequency materials, which seems like physical materials, it turns into a more developed entity with creation forces and creation intentions, as a substitute of destruction forces, together with the destruction of self.