I ASSUME A Blog Was Began By Me?

I ASSUME A Blog Was Began By Me?

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Well, I have been debating this for some time and I guess I’ve officially begun a blog. Since how I have just decided to start one spontaneously I am still unsure as to what it shall contain specifically. At this time yes it’ll be mainly Lush concentrated, this being reviews information and other such things Lushie people would be interested in. Although I may be considering other things, as I do have other interests besides Lush, one being Disney.

I am in love with Disney, my obsession with Disney is most surely as large as my obsession with Lush or even more. I also enjoy tattoos, makeup, and traveling and other things that I may get into a discussion about, all in due time though. Many thanks for scanning this, whether you occurred upon this or I finished up posting the hyperlink of my Lush Instagram, I really do have another but most Lushies aren’t interested in that.

  • 2 The technological perspective on Process Philosophy
  • 3 years back from Columbus, Ohio
  • Many of the items examined by the makeup products industry are never used
  • Use Essence Without Fail
  • Lack of air blood circulation
  • Face moisturizer (with SPF 15)

I inserted an image of me, most people on my Lush Instagram have no idea what I look like and I thought hey I would as well talk about that with you. That is me after I went to Holland last September and you might be thinking “Hey she probably will be posting pictures of Lush Holland” no no I will not be. Unfortunately my crazy Lush obsession started in past due December.

This time as all Lushies know is the best time of the entire year because then all the good stuff comes out, however poor young Brandi was unaware of this and missed out just about completely. Now I had approved by Lush a number of times and always been very intimidated as most people would say about Lush. Most stories are large rather, except my semi-local Lush wish is small rather.

All the reasons above are why I put never moved into a Lush store, oh plus some of, well the majority of their items are a little pricey in comparison to some drugstore evaluations. Now that I am well educated on Lush items or Let me think so, I love moving in there as it’s my second home. Lush products have transformed my life, I used to HATE baths and today I’ve them almost every day or almost every other day.

The next time I went into Lush was after boxing day and I purchased the gift container for the BOGO event which included a SANTA CLAUS shower bomb and a snow world soap then I got a Santa Lip Scrub. These things where in fact the only items left actually, this now providing me the data that on boxing day I will be outdoor camping and probably hitting more than one Lush in a single day.

I still have my Santa Lip Scrub, it tasted like Coco Cola which is fantastic, and Snow World cleaning soap became and is one of my favorite Lush soaps still. Father Christmas is also fantastic and I recently just got my hands one two more and I think I just used the last one tonight. I say I think because in the last 2 months my Lush stash is continuing to grow significantly and I’m not fully alert to what I do have at the moment. The rapid growth is due to the Lush Kitchen but I feel I will get into greater depth on that in another blog post. Anyways, after those products I noticed that this was good shit quite.

I proceeded to go in later and I think my next big purchase was Dark Angels but I’ve a terrible memory space and I possibly could quickly be wrong. That’s how I dropped into Lush, today and became the huge Lushie which I am growing to be. Well, I have to say that that turned into a complete lot more than I thought it would.