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My winter skin care routine is already in full golf swing. It’s been freezing within New York and I have already been struggling with my combo body to keep it perceiving hydrated and stop it from flaking (eww I understand) and being super tight. Go ahead and see what a few of my favorite ways to quench my thirsty winter skin area !

I have very combination skin so there are days where I could start off feeling really dry out and end your day like an oily mess. EASILY feel my skin area needs a little extra hydration, I will use my GLAMGLOW ThirstyMud Hydrating treatment. Once I’ve removed all my makeup and I’ve completed the others of my skincare routine, I am going to go ahead and pop this on my entire face in a thin layer.

If I don’t think I need an powerful treatment, I will rinse with hot water and apply my favorite moisturizer. But, most of the right time, I wear it early enough in the night time that I go to sleep with it on and wake up each day with really hydrated and soft skin.

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The smell of this products is amazing and it really quenches your skin. When your skin area is hydrated, it appears and seems healthy, and it is less prone to wrinkles and early aging ! So with that said, I take my epidermis hydration superb really even though I am really greasy sometimes. I really know what you’re thinking.

Why would I voluntarily put oil on my greasy combo skin? Because it works. And it works effectively. This Josie Maran Argan Oil Light is an amazing product and just a little goes quite a distance. Because I am oily, I do not desire a ton of this to make a difference.

What I normally do is put several drops and merge it along with my normal moisturizer. This will do the secret. You can really feel the oil seeping into your skin and working it’s special. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave your skin layer feeling greasy. Josie Maran’s products are organic plus they all have amazing ingredients that will make such an improvement.

This also is effective to keep the hands really soft and moisturized as well! For those of you on a budget, a DIY mask can be even better than expensive products. Here, I come up with a mask that I acquired off of Pinterest and created a smooth and moisturizing mixture.

First, have a ripe banana – so one with a couple of little brown destinations onto it will be perfect ! Two teaspoons of essential olive oil gives water to your skin, and the egg yolk helps to tone the skin and can help with acne in some instances even!