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The College of Business Administration transforms college student potential into success. We provide a proven, research-based education, real­-world skills, and professional experiences that soon add up to exciting profession opportunities. For the past four years U.S. 1 business program among accredited undergraduate business programs in Chicago. The rank places UIC among the top 15 percent of the 467 programs certified by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the principal accreditation business for business universities. In addition to our campus-based programs UIC Business offers a Bachelor of Business Administration degree completion program that emerges both on campus and online. More information concerning this program can be found in the Bachelor of Business Administration section.

UIC’s closeness to the urban business community in Chicago attaches students to Chicago’s living classroom and constant contact with the college’s 33,000 alumni. The undergraduate program’s diverse college student body and thorough programs help students develop the skills they need to end up being the business leaders of the future. The proficient faculty and the quality of their research and scholarly work are evidenced by magazines in the primary journals in their areas. Furthermore to course work in their level program, the curriculum includes core courses in every functional regions of business and assisting course work in mathematics, communications, figures, and information systems.

UIC’s program allows graduates to be on to pursue management and command positions in business and nonbusiness configurations or start and own their own businesses. The undergraduate program provides students with the abilities necessary for an effective career in business and it is also an excellent planning for graduate training in business, laws, or any business-related self-discipline. UIC Business provides a proven education that is enhanced through an academically challenging course work, innovative theoretical and applied research, active professional development programs, a full-service Business Career Center, and an array of research and outreach centers.

The College of Business Administration is certified by AACSB International-The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. AACSB International accreditation signifies the highest standard of accomplishment for business schools worldwide. Establishments that earn accreditation verify their commitment to quality and constant improvement through a thorough and strenuous peer review. The accreditation ensures that the business program delivers what is promised.

AACSB accreditation is the sign of excellence in management education. To earn a College of Business Administration degree from UIC, students need to complete a university, college, and division degree requirements. General university and college degree requirements for all College of Business Administration students are outlined below. Students should seek advice from the academic department section for major course requirements. The College of Business Administration least semester hour requirement is 120 semester hours for everyone-level programs.

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The Bachelor of Business Administration online program comes after a different curriculum. More info can be found in the Bachelor of Business Administration section. Students should take ENGL 160 and ENGL 161, the programs of 1 of the mathematics monitors, and ECON 120 and ECON 121 as soon as possible, since these courses are prerequisites for the majority of the business core courses. BA 100, BA 220, and BA 320 are one-semester-hour courses that are necessary for graduation for students who start as first-year students in the faculty of Business Administration and transfer students who enter with significantly less than a day.

The hours matter in the calculation of tuition, full- or part-time enrollment status, and financial aid eligibility. The full hours do not matter for the 120 hours necessary to graduate. Minimum grades of C must be earned in these courses. Students should select the mathematics track that matches their career and preparation goals.

Required for students who get into the faculty of Business Administration as transfer students. BA 420 will be applied as credit toward the degree for many Bachelor of Science programs, reducing the hours of general electives. Students must fulfill the university’s General Education requirements by taking classes from various subject matter.