Miss Witkowski’s Computer Science Discoveries Class

Miss Witkowski’s Computer Science Discoveries Class

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Learning Goal: Review of Finance in Business Unit. Bellringer: Before we end this device, we are going to review the many concepts we discovered. Work with a partner or by yourself and make an effort to answer as many questions correctly as you possibly can. TODAY is practice just! 25% of your grade because of this class, so take the review seriously. YOU NEED TO CREATE THE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS THAT YOU MISS! You may use your notes, the textbook and your neighbor to find the right answers.

Green means it is correct. Red means it is incorrect and you need to write the question and the answer. Show Miss W your score and the written-out Q&Ais that you missed. Show Miss W your score and the written-out Q&Ais that you missed. Show Miss W your rating and the written-out Q&Ais that you missed.

  • Masculine & Feminine Leadership
  • The goods or services you may offer for sale
  • Move the system to the integration environment and to QA
  • Cash only customers/suppliers
  • Don’t assume people will tell you how they really feel about you

Signed Interim reports will be collected for a grade. I came back today the quality is 80, each day not returned minus 5 points for. Classwork will be distributed. KEEP CLASSWORK AS STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAMS! ALL WORK WILL NEED TO MAINTAIN BY DECEMBER 16TH. We review for exams after that date. Read webpages 450-456-answer questions 1 to 3 on a piece of paper. You’ll have a worksheet for these answers on Monday.

For example, you don’t send a memo to congratulate someone. The facsimile machine has significantly changed the speed of business marketing communications in the past a decade. Some say it is a blessing and some say it’s a curse. Either real way, knowing the proper use of this communication tool will help you improve your business image.

Often, fax transmissions are received in a common area and then forwarded to the correct recipient. The fax cover page is used to route your communication to the right person and to ensure all the pages are received. 2. As, well as the cover page, format the message in either the memo or business letter format.

3. Do not send documents where the appearance is important. 4. Avoid dark areas such as graphics. It slows down transmitting time and the recipient imprinted fax may be moist from the heavy program of ink. 5. Use simple, legible type for your fax. Arial, Courier, and Times New Roman all transmit clearly.