Announcing Defensive Asset Allocation (DAA)

Announcing Defensive Asset Allocation (DAA)

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3. When none of them of canary resources VWO and BND register negative momentum, indicating the risk of a collision is regarded as low, invest 100% in the full top risky property, applying equal weights again. As a first demonstration the performance metrics of DAA-G12 are presented in the table below combined with the 1971-2018 equity chart.

Notice the key performance indications in the chart’s title. The demonstrated set up consists of 12 global dangerous possessions (G12): SPY, IWM, QQQ, VGK, EWJ, VWO, VNQ, GSG, GLD, TLT, HYG, and LQD. For out-of-market allocation a three asset cash proxy world can be used: SHY, IEF, and LQD. The (fixed) protection universe for quantifying breadth momentum is populated with (only) the pointed out two “canary” resources: VWO and BND.

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  2. Public corporations: CEO and GM of PEs to be chosen through open up competition
  3. Properly direct the cash flow from your investment properties
  4. The recommendation date
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  6. July 19
  7. 65% in VWRL FTSE All world ETF
  8. Consulting Business

6 being the ideal top size for DAA-G12. Email address details are produced from simulated regular total come back ETF data. Furthermore, trading costs, slippage, and fees are disregarded. Email address details are purely hypothetical therefore. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. A (nearly) “live” indicators table for the Defensive Asset Allocation strategy with all these set up will be put into the Strategy Signals page in due time. Until then, the desk is practical below completely.

Please take note of the limitations as mentioned on the Strategy Signals page. No assurance whatsoever is given for the soundness of the strategy nor the proper working of the desk nor for the precision of the (time delayed) signals. Please do your own due use and diligence at the peril. The Important Notice in the footer applies as well as the Disclaimer.

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