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Today, I am going to present another product from Dr. Art which is the Dr.Jart V7 turnover booster. Do visit the link for more information on exactly what is a booster. I published about them not long ago. Is the box Here? Be sure to keep carefully the bottle inside this box. The bottle is made of glass and it is heavy quite. So make sure never to drop it.

The booster is clear white with precious metal particles. What is so special about this booster is that it contains types of vitamins to feed your skin based on the vitamin pyramid. The container is within a dark color and has a dropper to it also. I find that I really like this kind of dropper as it is so easy to use and to avoid contamination to the product. I carefully keep the container inside the container, though in the event the light will destroy the product. I use the booster few drops in the morning and more during the night. It absorbs into my skin very fast and hydrates my skin without any heavy feeling.

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My pores and skin was peelings from the weeks of disregard, combined with the breakouts and use of acne vulnerable products so this is really helpful with the hydration without being too heavy. I do not use any moisturizer during that time since my skin pores get clogged easily but amazingly I really do not get any pores and skin peeling while I am applying this.

This is actually an incredible product for hydration though it is simply a booster. I use serum, beauty oil, or asleep mask after the product during the night. I find that all the skincare product works seems to be better and faster once I am applying this booster. Everything just gets ‘absorb’ into my skin when normally all those product appears to just stay on top of my pores and skin. This is sure a keeper. I’ll buy this again because it helps my skin with hydration without clogging my pores really.

Thanks Corinne for presenting this product to me. P/S: If you are getting Dr.Jart V7 toner, you would have to use the toner following the Dr.Jart turnover booster. I am not sure why but I think for the reason that the V7 toner is not clarifying toner and it is a hydrating toner which contain active ingredients for your skin. Products retails Rm145 for 50ml at Sasa. For more information, please visit official website Dr.Jart official site. This is not a sponsored product. I received this from a contest. The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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