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Reviews are shown in alphabetical order. The reviewer’s overall conclusion (ranking) is listed on the right. To see a complete review, go through the appropriate link. I am 45 years old with a medium complexion. Though I’ve never been someone to really wear make-up, neither have I been in the practice of protecting my epidermis with moisturizers or sunscreens. I am 29 years old and have my first lines showing around my eyes and on my forehead.

I thought I would try this cream as it is supposed to reduce lines and wrinkles and firm epidermis overall. The upper eye area looks more limited and diminish the “drooper” feeling. After use it day and night, up every morning after wake, the crow feet are more finer. This product will come in a two-chambered pump, so two different serums are released when you depress the trigger. I viewed this several times, decided to check it out but didn’t really believe it could work so quickly.

I did research on the internet to understand the meaning of the terms being utilized: Collagen, marine, retinal, etc. My doctor told me I needed to rebuild my collagen or I would look really bad in 10-20 years. As a new consumer of this product relatively, month approximately 1, I am, to day, pleased with it. The weather where I live is dried out, and I feel that Age Perfect offers a good moisturizer that satisfies my needs.

I am 52, with normal pores and skin, oily T-zone. I’ve the normal skin discolorations (age places) for someone my age. I am only 26, but am already developing lines around my forehead and especially around my eye. My girlfriend bought me this cream as a Christmas present. At first I used to be offended but used it anyhow and am stunned by the results. This cream is a great moisturizer for oily or combination skin and has totally cleared my mature red bump acne.

I’d recommend it for anyone who is looking for an anti-wrinkle cream that has mild problem pores and skin issues. The product implies that it can help reduce under-eye circles, but it was no much better than any conventional moisturizer for the face. I’ve always struggled with under-eye purple-ish circles. My sister gave me a tube of this product to I applied it that very evening. To be fair, I do have Rosacea.

NOT my eyes area. I have been using L’Oreal’s wrinkle de-crease collagen filler to enhance the skin texture and the looks of fullness on my lip area. Here is what L’Oreal, a brand name I trust typically, says concerning this discovery product: Anti-aging treatment. Visibly helps correct manifestation lines & lines, and wrinkles & rejuvenates cosmetic features.

I am 47 and have fair pores and skin with some sun damage. I love to attempt my hand boy new local and products is always my first choice. I am 30 and right now I could see my skin is not as youthful as before. I’m 62 years of age, with fair pores and skin and major collagen breakdown that run in the family. A couple of years back and it creates all the difference I began by using this moisturizer. I was thinking about Loreal skin products and bought Futur-e moisturizer as I was recommended on their website (LorealParisusa.

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  5. Moisturizes like any other lip balms for my average lip area
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Overall this is an easy to use and good facial care product. The package was easy to find affordably at the store and costed. The directions are easy to follow. After 2 times, noticed a brown age spot on my face faded. The consistency of your skin too is way better. The cream soaks in, which is not greasy. In addition, it has a good, light smell.

I am 29 years of age and I’ve dark circles under my attention. I tried Loreal and within seven days I could start to see the dark circles were getting lighter so I was really impressed but after a week’s time I started realizing puffiness under my eye. I began using Loreals’ Eye Defense about 6 months ago.