Broil Till Bubbly And Golden Somewhat

Broil Till Bubbly And Golden Somewhat

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Last week I found out I used to be the winner of an Instagram contest held by Windset Farms and California Grown. Oodles of gorgeous California grown veggies arrived on my doorstep: Concerto Grape Tomatoes, Tomatoes on the Vine, Campari Tomatoes, Symphony Tomato Ensemble, Roma Tomatoes, Fresco Seedless Cucumbers, and Fresco Cocktail Cukes!

Cucumbers are my post-weight reduction surgery cracker substitute and I love tomato vegetables (Hello?! 1/2 Sicilian), so it really was the perfect reward for me to win. You are going to follow them on Instagram @windsetfarms and @CAgrownofficial to enter on their next giveaway tell them @theworldaccordingtoeggface delivered you over.

Be sure to follow me I do some fun Instagram giveaways every once in awhile too. Obviously I am making A LOT of recipes with tomatoes earlier this week. The Roma was taken by me tomatoes and made a huge pot of Chili for dinner the very first night, weeks 1/2 of which is in the freezer and will make for a simple dinner next. I made a few salads, a few bento box lunches, invited neighbors to truly have a taste and I even broke out my dehydrator and dried some.

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Will post the results. Slice the tomatoes, top with a Tablespoon of shredded cheese, sprinkle Parmesan and seasonings. Broil till and slightly golden bubbly. I served them as a side with Egg Bites (crustless quiches) and another day with grilled fish. Delicious and easy side dish I’ll often make.

I think I might put a slice of pepperoni on top next time. Make your tuna salad nevertheless, you like it. Mine: Lemon Pepper seasoned tuna with chopped green onion and chopped cucumber, a dollop of plain Greek yogurt, salt & pepper to taste. Top the sliced-up tomato vegetables. Top with chopped up cheese.

Broil till meat and bubbly. Some became part of one of my favorite things to do Tidbit Parties: protein packed snacks, oxygen, good discussion, and laughs with relatives and buddies. Pulse all ingredients in a mini food processor till desired consistency. It’ll stay for weeks in the refrigerator or freeze in snow-cube trays.

Mix in Greek yogurt for a dip or dressing. Pass on seafood or poultry baking. Mix in recipes. Spread on a tortilla pizza of sauce instead. Mixed in chicken, tuna, egg, or bean salad. Mix in soup. Endless uses. I used to be identified to use every last one particular delicious tomatoes. Hope the above provides you a few ideas.

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