Screw You Guys, I AM GOING Home

Screw You Guys, I AM GOING Home

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Some of you have previously seen my article in Vox, Why It’s SO DIFFICULT To Say No To Your Boss – Even If You’re The Director of the FBI. In that article, I mention that Mr. Comey isn’t covered under whistleblower laws and regulations. I wanted to check out that up with hope for the others of working Americans.

· Employees of publicly-traded companies: Sarbanes-Oxley is just about the most well-known whistleblower legislation. It shields employees of publicly-traded companies from retaliation for confirming violations of SEC guidelines and federal laws and regulations regarding fraud against shareholders. · Employees of federal government contractors: The False Claims Act enables a private citizen to file a lawsuit in on behalf of the U.S.

Government for scams by contractors and other businesses that use federal funds. If you win, you can get big bucks because you get a share of the recovery, but there are several loopholes so get good legal advice. This law prohibits an employer from retaliating against a worker for wanting to report fraud against Medicare, Medicaid, FDA, GSA, HUD, USDA, U.S. Postal Service, NIH, and the armed service, however, not the IRS.

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· State Whistleblower Laws: Some claims have whistleblower protection laws for some employees, government or private, yet others offer whistleblower security to government, however, not private employees. Some carrying on state governments haven’t any whistleblower protections. Senator Rubio’s home state of Florida, for example, has a whistleblower law that protects employees who object to or won’t participate in unlawful activities.

· Laws With Built-In Protection: Some laws build in whistleblower protections for anybody who reviews or stuff to breaking them. · Concerted action to improve working conditions: The National Labor Relations Act protects most non-government, non-supervisory employees from being retaliated against if they gather to discuss or to try to enhance the terms and conditions of their employment.

This is one laws that may actually help you, assuming you a supervisor aren’t, if you want to complain that your boss is a jerk, about bullying, or about other activity that isn’t illegal. There will vary deadlines when planning on taking legal action under each of these statutory laws, and some are short pretty, so don’t wait around too much time if you think against you were retaliated. Speak to an employee-side employment attorney if you are in doubt about your rights.

As significantly as society is concerned, it will come when the net energy from these sources peaks and starts to decline. The fact that people won’t even be able to see this when it arrives means we’re headed for trouble already. Kurt Cobb can be an author, loudspeaker, and columnist focusing on energy and the environment. He is a normal contributor to the Energy Voices section of The Christian Science Monitor and writer of the peak-oil-themed novel Prelude.

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