Debt Investment Options In India

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RETAIL investors chasing after high-interest bearing personal debt musical instruments can also look at several attractive postal strategies, including a fresh 10-year National Savings Certificate (NSC), year in Dec launched by the postal division last. Scheme of things: In December 2011, the department of posts revised the interest rate for several saving schemes and aligned them with comparable returns yielded by government securities of similar maturity. Under this structure, Rs 100 will grow to Rs 234.35 after 10 years. The brand new 10-calendar year NSC can be purchased by a grown-up for himself/herself or on behalf of a minor any moment of the year.

Various time deposit strategies with maturity from one 12 months to five years under the modified interest rates, which are compounded quarterly, offer attractive rates of interest to investors. Fixed deposits: Twelve months fixed deposit (FD) offers 7.7 per cent, two-year FD 7.8 %, three-year FD 8 per cent and five-year FD 8.3 per cent. Monthly Income Scheme: Another very attractive plan for traders is the Monthly Income Scheme (MIS), where annual interest rate offered now went up to 8.2 % from 8 per cent earlier.

However, the 5 % bonus offered earlier on maturity, from Dec 1 that reaches the end of six years has been discontinued, 2011. Now the scheme matures in five years. Beneath the MIS, an investor can deposit a maximum Rs 4.5 lakh in a solitary Rs and accounts 9 lakh in a joint account. PPF is typically the most popular taxsaving instrument, that provides a rebate under Section 88 of the Income Tax Act. Interest accrued is tax-free.

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Also, in a worst-case situation, a PPF accounts cannot be attached by the government or any courtroom of law or through any decree. Rural push: postoffice schemes are more suited for rural folks and for people in smaller towns where people have plenty of time, because dealing with post offices, particularly redemptions, takes a lot of time.

Core banking solution (CBS): Using the bank services at the post offices now slated to have primary banking features, it will be possible for postoffice checking account holders to withdraw money from any location through ATMs. Savings accounts: The recent revision in interest rates for savings bank account and freeing of the Rs 1,00,000 limit is, perhaps, a step to align postal bank services with the soon-to-be introduced core banking solution. Now from Oct 1 Savings account managed with post offices, 2011, will have no limit on keeping balance in solitary as well as joint savings account, against Rs 1,00,000 limit previous.

A depositor or depositor(s) can deposit any amount into a single as well as joint savings account now. Maturity value of any savings instrument from the section of content can be credited into savings account of the depositor standing up in the same post office, irrespective of the total amount in the accounts.

Earlier, depositors cannot keep more than Rs 1,00,000 in a checking account. From the financial year 2011-12, interest income of Rs 3,500 regarding solitary accounts and Rs 7,000 in case there is joint accounts will be exempted from income tax. Along with primary banking facilities for its customers, the department of articles is taking a look at new business opportunities. The department of posts has invited a feasibility record from various consultancy companies for establishing a new business structure under it for managing and developing the rising and premium services in the postal sector. It is along the way of preparing a project record for establishing the carrying on business framework.