My Journey Through Deepest, Darkest Weight Loss

My Journey Through Deepest, Darkest Weight Loss

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I frequented with my Primary Care Physician last night. It was a follow up exam primarily to aid in weight loss. As I’ve noted before with this blog, my PCP is very kind and understanding. He has never, ever fussed at me about my weight, not at 254 even.4. Whenever the desire was stated by me to lose excess weight, he was right there prepared to provide his encouragement. I have been able to speak freely with him about whatever was happening. Yesterday was no exception. I thought going in that I’d lost 3 lbs since my last visit, but I did so not go and look at my many back, mixed spreadsheets and graphs to confirm that reality.

I knew that he’d be pleased with a loss no matter how much, and I’d just not tell him that at one point over the summer I’d been down even lower. He doesn’t even weigh me anymore. He just asks what did my level say that morning. He used to both weigh me, and ask, but the difference between the scales must have been consistent enough that all he does is ask.

I informed him my weight yesterday morning adding that I thought that was three pounds below the prior weight. Imagine my shock when he explained that I got actually gained 5 pounds since my last visit! I confessed that my weight has been lower than his last recorded weight even, which I’d planned merely to keep that my little secret.

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He responded in his usual way stating that he was the last person to “do this” as he directed is finger at me and shook it as he laughed. Some stuff was typed by him in his laptop though, so I might have lost my no level privileges for a while! Everything checked out fine.

I guaranteed him that I had not given up in the weight loss department, but that my job experienced become so challenging and I was working such extended hours that I wasn’t focusing like I had fashioned in the past. So, of April we established an appointment for the end. Then he suggested that a goal is set by me to lose 10 pounds before that date. It was my use laugh, and I told him that I needed a real goal. I was presented with by him the typical, don’t set yourself up for failure argument.

While I am aware that, and I understand that most of this battle is mental, I still believe that I need a goal that is going to make me work. I think an objective of 10 lbs in 6 months is very easy that I won’t even try until sometime in March. That is my dilemma – goal-setting techniques. It has been all along.